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Bachelor's Degree in Web Technology.
Certificate in Social Media for Business
Certificate in Startup Engineer (Stanford Coursera)

Web Work:

Build websites & program applications, web technology consultant. Mobile sites & basic iPhone Apps. Technical support experience at the University. Freelance & corporate experience since 2005.


JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, JSON, DHTML, (X)HTML, CSS, AJAX. Exposure to: Python, Jinja, HTSQL, Prototype, ColdFusion, PERL (w/Catalyst framework & template toolkit) XML, PROGRESS 4GL/database, Java (& GUI), some SpeedScript, Objective-C (ipad apps)


Sybase (w/SPRs), MySQL. Exposure to: SQL, PROGRESS, PostgreSQL


Mercurial (source control), Windows, Macintosh, Unix (terminal environment), Apache Past/Exposure: Git, IIS, Webspeed, Subversion


Joomla (Open source CMS), Gimp (like Photoshop), Wordpress, DreamWeaver, Zend IDE, Safari, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Macromedia Homesite, Eclipse, Firefox, IE, Chrome, & more


W3C standards, cross browser testing, accessibility, table-LESS design, some search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture, publishing, graphic manipulation, familiarity with e-commerce (online shopping buying/selling), basic hardware, & more
NOTE OCT 2019: ***UNDER MAINTENANCE*** - Contents may be outdated & in process of completing migration to a new cloud. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!
CONTACT FORM CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: I have to configure a mail service.

The advantage of working with me is that I

  • Have professional experience as a web developer - You're getting quality.
  • Value web standards - I carefully build with technical design, clean code, user friendliness, and accessibility in mind.
  • I will not simply throw together images & text, then call it a "website", nor throw together code, then call it a "web app"-- there are A LOT of important technical considerations that make a website or web app useful for you and your visitors.
  • If you're not technical, don't worry, I will speak to you in "plain English" so you can understand what you are getting. :)

Recent Hobby - Photography

Phuc's Photography

I recently took big interest in photography, fall of '09. This may be good news for clients because now I can provide much better graphics for websites and possibly additional services. I was always fond of taking pictures of interesting things. Band shots are my favorite, because of the lights, the scene, and the music. But I have to say that they are the most challenging to take because of the low lighting, constant movement of the rocking musicians/lights, and my particular lens. Read more...

Hi. My name is Phuc. I am a self-driven, well-rounded and determined web programmer/developer and web technologist who has had a passion for building websites and web applications for quite some time. I welcome anyone interested in knowing more about my web services, me as a web person, or just looking for some inspiration. Please browse the categories its subcategories to find out more and feel free to contact me to see how I can help you create or improve your presence on the web.

For more about me, my story, my characteristics and other interests, please check out my About page.