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Bachelor's Degree in Web Technology.
Certificate in Social Media for Business
Certificate in Startup Engineer (Stanford Coursera)

Web Work:

Build websites & program applications, web technology consultant. Mobile sites & basic iPhone Apps. Technical support experience at the University. Freelance & corporate experience since 2005.


JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, JSON, DHTML, (X)HTML, CSS, AJAX. Exposure to: Python, Jinja, HTSQL, Prototype, ColdFusion, PERL (w/Catalyst framework & template toolkit) XML, PROGRESS 4GL/database, Java (& GUI), some SpeedScript, Objective-C (ipad apps)


Sybase (w/SPRs), MySQL. Exposure to: SQL, PROGRESS, PostgreSQL


Mercurial (source control), Windows, Macintosh, Unix (terminal environment), Apache Past/Exposure: Git, IIS, Webspeed, Subversion


Joomla (Open source CMS), Gimp (like Photoshop), Wordpress, DreamWeaver, Zend IDE, Safari, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Macromedia Homesite, Eclipse, Firefox, IE, Chrome, & more


W3C standards, cross browser testing, accessibility, table-LESS design, some search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture, publishing, graphic manipulation, familiarity with e-commerce (online shopping buying/selling), basic hardware, & more



I am very patient with helping others learn more about technology. When I was at the University, I worked two help-desk type jobs; one as a Student Educational Technology Assistant and the other, a Computer Service Technician. Between the two, I was helping students, faculty and regional campuses on hardware and software issues from how to use the computer to how to use online course software tool to troubleshooting. There were different personalities coming from different various professional backgrounds. I understand how challenging or intimidating it can be sometimes for those in the learning process and I am able to walk through the steps in an understandable format. Essentially this allows me to effectively communicate with better meet their needs.


I can easily adapt to new and different technologies, environments and responsibilities. Each client is unique and client needs are constantly changing as fast as technology is changing and it is important to have this ability in order to meet their needs. Under corporate experience, I had easily adapted from one position to another different position. This also applies in the learning process. One client needed me to get up to speed with PERL, jQuery, Catalyst framework, and understanding the MCV (Model, Controller, View) to help him out with his projects for his clients. Another client needed someone who can learn Cold Fusion and their development environment to help them out as well. Both languages, I didn't have much or any experience with, but I was willing to learn it and help them out. It worked out great.


I like to think outside of the box. When I'm dumped with a project with lack of specifications, I ccome up with ideas. Often, the ideas I come up with, are a good start for clients who are not exactly sure what they want and from there they may have more of an idea of the direction they want to head.


I can work on more than one assignment at one time span. A good example of this is one of my contract jobs: I started off as a Technical Support Specialists communicating among departments, organizing the information, and bringing it back to the Tech department and vice versa. Meanwhile, I would try to resolve the issues myself. When I became a permanent employee, I was programming on projects meanwhile, fixing bugs and other issues. When I became a Technical Bug Lead, my daily tasks would be fixing issues, assigning work to others, training/helping others step-by-step communicating via in person, email and IM, all while trying to complete some major programming projects. Programming projects would involve steps like designing, documenting, programming, and testing. I manage time and priority accordingly to complete each task on time and produce quality work.


I can be serious, but I also know how to have fun. I tend to make others laugh. I think this sets a better mood, feeling, increases productivity and motivation, for others working with me under stressful environments and deadlines. Try it, laugh a little.

Team Work

I am able to work with others on projects, collaborating with other professionals to meet client needs. But I also take into consideration "team work" with clients to ensure that their needs are met as well as keeping communication open on regular basis in order to send back and forth the materials or feedback needed to complete a project in a reasonable time frame. This saves time and gives more time to work on more.


In the corporate world, I have worked on tasks and assignments independently, with minimal or no supervision. When there is minimal training, I would learn how to do things on my own. In the freelancing world, I am an independent contractor, and "being my own boss" a majority of my freelancing work is working on the projects on my own.


In freelancing, I have to take charge of my own business and have successfully done so as shown on my client history. In corporate world, I am under an employer, but I will initiate and take charge of assignments needed to get done. My former job, with approval, I would assign myself and others work, initiate helping others whenever they had questions, and manage by keeping track of their progress.

The list can go on...

This is just a brief of some of the characteristics about me that was asked about me. Over time I may add more. If you have any questions, you are free to contact me.