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...where you can take a journey of some of Phuc's work from the past to present.
Details retained for privacy. Resume upon request.


Bachelor's Degree in Web Technology.
Certificate in Social Media for Business
Certificate in Startup Engineer (Stanford Coursera)

Web Work:

Build websites & program applications, web technology consultant. Mobile sites & basic iPhone Apps. Technical support experience at the University. Freelance & corporate experience since 2005.


JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, JSON, DHTML, (X)HTML, CSS, AJAX. Exposure to: Python, Jinja, HTSQL, Prototype, ColdFusion, PERL (w/Catalyst framework & template toolkit) XML, PROGRESS 4GL/database, Java (& GUI), some SpeedScript, Objective-C (ipad apps)


Sybase (w/SPRs), MySQL. Exposure to: SQL, PROGRESS, PostgreSQL


Mercurial (source control), Windows, Macintosh, Unix (terminal environment), Apache Past/Exposure: Git, IIS, Webspeed, Subversion


Joomla (Open source CMS), Gimp (like Photoshop), Wordpress, DreamWeaver, Zend IDE, Safari, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Macromedia Homesite, Eclipse, Firefox, IE, Chrome, & more


W3C standards, cross browser testing, accessibility, table-LESS design, some search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture, publishing, graphic manipulation, familiarity with e-commerce (online shopping buying/selling), basic hardware, & more

My Story - How it all began

It all started back in the day around the year 2000 when I started to really use the computer and the Internet. [I never said I was born with computer skills] ;) After an English newspaper creation assignment, it inspired me to create my own print magazine named "Bizarre" which was distributed to my friends. I experimented with Publisher then proved worthy to be an Editor for both my high school's newspaper and literary/arts magazine.

In fact, I used to be a computer teacher's worse nightmare, being very clueless. It wasn't until mid to late high school that I swapped a course for one that was available, which happened to be a computer course. I was skeptical, maybe a little scared but then discovered it was like magic. I started two weeks late, caught up quickly and ended up assisting the teacher in helping classmates with their assignments.

We experimented with software like PowerPoint to create interactive media slide show presentations, and FrontPage Express to make our first website. Websites-- this became a passion.. to be able to get creative and share it to the world. I then decided to published Bizarre to the web, for the first time, with Publisher's built in file transfer.

When I started to learn how to code, I realized the amount of flexibility and control there was in writing the code myself, that I dropped using WYSIWYGs all together and just used Notepad. I completely reconstructed Bizarre by coding it from scratch. Bizarre continued to evolve and grow as I grew, encouraging individuals to express themselves beyond the norms.

From there, I continued onto the journey of the web, creating sites and applications for (but not limited to) organizations and businesses. I experimented with various coding editors, ftp clients, scripting languages, ways to code, graphic/photo editors, and whatever technology I could get my hands on.