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...where you can take a journey of some of Phuc's work from the past to present.
Details retained for privacy. Resume upon request.


Bachelor's Degree in Web Technology.
Certificate in Social Media for Business
Certificate in Startup Engineer (Stanford Coursera)

Web Work:

Build websites & program applications, web technology consultant. Mobile sites & basic iPhone Apps. Technical support experience at the University. Freelance & corporate experience since 2005.


JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, JSON, DHTML, (X)HTML, CSS, AJAX. Exposure to: Python, Jinja, HTSQL, Prototype, ColdFusion, PERL (w/Catalyst framework & template toolkit) XML, PROGRESS 4GL/database, Java (& GUI), some SpeedScript, Objective-C (ipad apps)


Sybase (w/SPRs), MySQL. Exposure to: SQL, PROGRESS, PostgreSQL


Mercurial (source control), Windows, Macintosh, Unix (terminal environment), Apache Past/Exposure: Git, IIS, Webspeed, Subversion


Joomla (Open source CMS), Gimp (like Photoshop), Wordpress, DreamWeaver, Zend IDE, Safari, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Macromedia Homesite, Eclipse, Firefox, IE, Chrome, & more


W3C standards, cross browser testing, accessibility, table-LESS design, some search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture, publishing, graphic manipulation, familiarity with e-commerce (online shopping buying/selling), basic hardware, & more

Other Interests

Besides web development/programming, here are some of my other interests :)


I write a lot of it, enjoy reading and listening to people express it.


My strength is drawing in ink, pencil, charcoal and pastels for still life. I hope to improve in more abstract work. I like art portrayed in many different forms.

Martial Arts

At the University, I have had some training in Shotokan Karate, Capoeira, and Aikido. I also apply martial arts to life outside of dojo, mentally and physically, and it has helped me through some tough times. Martial arts has contributed significantly to my determination, has helped me get to where I am now and where I'm going. I like martial arts movies and watching performances/competitions.


Learned some basics at the University with a great crew. I got as far as top rock, six step, some freezes and hope to improve in popping and locking also. Planet Bboy, a film about breakdancing all over the world, moved me.


I took a video production course in High School and absolutely enjoyed it. I created an awesome music video, documentary and commercial using analog tool and video tape (yes, the very basics). If I had the resources, software and equipment, I would like produce more creative videos, but in digital format. I also can do basic edits with audio. I hope to turn some of my poems into songs one day.


I love to eat it. I love authentic food from various cultures. I'm better at creating appetizers, desserts and Sushi (with smoked salmon). I also spontaneously create bizarre food experiments that look terrible but surprisingly usually taste pretty good.


I love listening to music and when I go out, I enjoy places with local bands, dj's or karaoke. I have limited experience with an acoustic guitar but can play some basic chords and maybe 2 songs; it's really a challenge but I want to keep trying. I also like finding random events like "Live Jazz and Sushi" night, which was pretty interesting.