$75k Clinical Trial Revisualization Redesign Challenge

Mobile App Concept - Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign challenge

Mobile App Concept – Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign challenge

I also participated in the Clinical Trial Revisualization Redesign a few months ago, which made it to 1 of 41 finalists to be judged.

The challenge involved reviewing a large amount of documents, health protocol data, and redesigning them in a patient-friendly way, which would positively impact the health industry. From website, flyer, brochure concepts, to a mockup design of a patient/provider/researcher mobile application concept, it was a good challenge. Continue reading

24 hr Yale Hackathon ( Y-Hack )


It’s been a while since I last posted. It’s been hectic these past 2 years. Since then, I have participated in a variety of web development events and competitions, including mentoring at Yale’s 1st, 24 hour hackathon, Y-Hack, last fall, with 1000+ hackers, and large sponsors present such AWS, Microsoft, and RedHat.

I’d love to share tech adventures over the next few posts, (in no chronological order).

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Is In-Line CSS Always a Bad Thing?

So I used to avoid in-line CSS at all costs.  However, there were situations like having to use display:none so that elements never show or flicker upon loading so that it can be work well with javascript built Expand or display feature. There was just no way around it unless one had to dynamically place that element via JavaScript, which is not what we always want. Loading CSS via Javascript is not recommended if CSS can be used instead. Continue reading

FREE Online PDF Downloads on Web Design, Development and More

I discovered an awesome learning resource issuu.com  filled with publications, such as expert information on web development and design. They are downloadable PDFs, and you are also welcome to create your own to share to the world. Continue reading

Misconceptions: Search Engine Rankings

I do not provide direct SEO marketing services, but following good web standards aligns with Google’s recommendations to help search engine results. Many people want to be on the top, sometimes going as far as practicing Black Hat SEO (that violates search engine policies) to try to get to the top based on keywords, backlinks, and so forth. Few realize that Google engines are more intelligent than that, designed by humans to automatically fight unethical practices. If you don’t get caught now, you better hope you don’t get caught later. Continue reading

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

Google tells you straight up what they like and what they don’t like in their Webmaster quality Guidelines. What they don’t like is Black Hat SEO, which violates their terms and degrades the quality of search results. Those who practice it, especially SEO firms will try to reason, interpret, and stretch Google’s words, to reason why they should continue to use it. Continue reading

Personas for Firefox!!

Basically Persona allows you to change your theme, (also known as skins), similar to when you change your instant messaging skin (AIM, Yahoo, etc). It is a way to spice up the look of your browser, and individualize the feel according to your preference. I think Personas came out several months ago with the release of Firefox 3.6, or at least the ability to update your Persona really easily without installing any additional plugins add-ons. Continue reading

Does Sharing Office Space Give Business Referrals?

Definitely it can. I was freelancing for my client, who was sharing office space with a company who, if I recall correctly, owned the building. My client had extra space and let me use it. Both my client and I are in web development, and as we know, it’s recommend that every business should have a professional web presence, (a website that defines your brand, and web applications that do nifty things). The business needed a website full of features that would help grow his business, and separate selling profiles for all his employees. So, both my client and I were going to work together on this project. Continue reading

Software Used to Create Website or Applications

Back in the day when I didn’t know how to code, I was using WYSIWYG’s like FrontPage (when it existed back then), and Dreamweaver, which automatically generates the code for us. When I started to learn how to code, I mainly used Notepad for the longest time. (That’s so hardcore, right?!) Plain text editors like that don’t have any color coding or auto complete features, but some people just like its simplicity and its fast load time. Continue reading

Best Web Browser?

It’s a matter of preference (with the exception of browsers like IE), and what does the job or has the tools that you need. I’ve tried all those browser except Opera. The browser I used the most was Firefox until I tried Chrome more recently. Continue reading