Really? A free web host WITHOUT advertisement?!

Back then Yahoo Geocities existed, which had a simple website building tools, good enough for my purpose back then. I believe it didn’t have advertising at one point, but then over time they embedded ads in the oddest spots of the sites and there was no way to control its placement unless I signed up for a paid account. So I moved on to Angelfire. Continue reading

Welcome to My New Portfolio Blog!

I’m pretty excited that I got this blog set up and running for my portfolio. It’s still under testing/beta stage so please don’t mind if you see random things here and there. I spent some time on and off the past 2 weeks redesigning my portfolio with a brand new look that matches my redesigned of my business cards. I had some business cards I made years ago, but wanted to make it look more abstract, so I drew a design with my drawing tablet, created the template for it, and after hours of getting it align correctly with my printer settings, I finally got it to print out decently.

Anyways, the purpose of this blog is to write about my current projects, experiments, what I’m learning/learned, web technologies and tips. Anyone is welcome to read whether they are seeking my services, or curious to learn from my blog. I hope you find it interesting and useful. Some entries are more advanced than others, but I’ll try to keep a variety so that more people can get something out of it.