24 hr Yale Hackathon ( Y-Hack )


It’s been a while since I last posted. It’s been hectic these past 2 years. Since then, I have participated in a variety of web development events and competitions, including mentoring at Yale’s 1st, 24 hour hackathon, Y-Hack, last fall, with 1000+ hackers, and large sponsors present such AWS, Microsoft, and RedHat.

I’d love to share tech adventures over the next few posts, (in no chronological order).

November 8-9, was the big exciting Y-Hack event held at the West Campus in Orange, CT.  I volunteered as a mentor, representing my former company, Prometheus Research, along with Andrew Dennis, manager of client web applications department, and also the author of Raspberry Pi Home Automation with Arduino.

Among the sleep deprived students and entrepreneurs flown in from all over the world, were, well-known guest speakers, demonstrating different web and hardware technologies.  There were also random competitions like the geek Freestyle Rap Battle and of course pizza and warm yummy Insomnia cookies delivered after midnight, that fed these hungry coders.  Contestants (group or individuals) were to use a combination of technologies from the sponsors, to try to come up with innovative web application to win $20k in prizes at the final awards dinner ceremony the following night.

For example, one may use AWS to serve their web pages in a Linux environment, and use HTSQL,  the simplified querying language, with ajax calls for database driven web applications.  I had the honor to help those with PHP, HTSQL, and web development questions to move forward with their projects.  Maybe I’m no “HTSQL expert,”, but I frequently wrote HTSQL, and used it with the UI components, and web applications that I helped built for the company.

I lasted through 30 hours.. and yes I cheated with sleep.. I roamed around 4 floors until I found vacant room, locked myself in it.  It was the most uncomfortable but creative camping experience ever, trying to power nap on a small chair and desk with no pillows or blanket.

Regardless, I met wonderful intelligent students and it was a wonderful experience.  The final awards banquet was large and packed. We had the opportunity to walk around and view demonstrations of submitters.

I’m not one to remember all names, and details, and winner results, but to find out more details, who the guest speakers and sponsors were, check out the articles online.


Official Hacker League Page (projects submitted).






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