$75k Clinical Trial Revisualization Redesign Challenge

Mobile App Concept - Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign challenge

Mobile App Concept – Clinical Trial Visualization Redesign challenge

I also participated in the Clinical Trial Revisualization Redesign a few months ago, which made it to 1 of 41 finalists to be judged.

The challenge involved reviewing a large amount of documents, health protocol data, and redesigning them in a patient-friendly way, which would positively impact the health industry. From website, flyer, brochure concepts, to a mockup design of a patient/provider/researcher mobile application concept, it was a good challenge.

Considering that I’m more of a coder (though a creative background), it really challenged further improving my “Photoshop” skills, to create a whole presentation with Photoshop layers. On top of that, every flyer, website, and mobile app concept I created, was “drawn” out in detail.

There was only 4 weeks or less of time, (if I recall, more like 2 weeks), to complete this challenge, since I started late into the challenge. But I managed to spend a few hours a week out of a busy schedule, to pull this off.

In the end, I didn’t win anything, but the fact that I have made it that far, made me feel like a winner. 🙂

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