Does Sharing Office Space Give Business Referrals?

Definitely it can. I was freelancing for my client, who was sharing office space with a company who, if I recall correctly, owned the building. My client had extra space and let me use it. Both my client and I are in web development, and as we know, it’s recommend that every business should have a professional web presence, (a website that defines your brand, and web applications that do nifty things). The business needed a website full of features that would help grow his business, and separate selling profiles for all his employees. So, both my client and I were going to work together on this project.

In addition, other small businesses were in the same building ranging from different beauty and health services, so they saw me walk in and out day to day and always greeted me friendly. I noticed they didn’t have website links on their brochures so, I asked them if they had a website. When they mentioned that they didn’t, but wanted one, I gave them my card. They were appreciative and I ended up with another client. There is this advantage in trust that’s built when potential clients actually see you and get an idea of who you are. They are more likely (and comfortable) to do business with you and you’ll probably be more comfortable in providing your services to someone you trust.

Similar to what a quality website or profile does for a business. You’re sharing something on the Internet. For example, if you’re on LinkedIn, you know that other businesses are on LinkedIn. All of us are sharing virtual space on LinkedIn and we know that LinkedIn is reputable. If others see you on LinkedIn, they might be more interested in getting to know you. If they like what they see on your profile, website, and you have services or products that they, (or someone they know), need, they might refer you.


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