Earn a Living Blogging?

There are a few ways blog writers can earn money: through advertising, selling ad space, sponsored posts for company products, or through a blogging network that pays bloggers to write.

Personally, I loved writing poetry, journals, etc, since I was little, and had my Bizarre website for almost a decade. Initially, I didn’t try making anything off of my website because I wanted to focus on content and applying web technology knowledge. Plus, I didn’t want the website to look gimicky with ads on it. But as time went on in the real world, bills, bills and bills, I realized I needed another way to try to make some extra money somehow. Even just paying the costs to keep the site running and expanding, would help. Also for my profession’s and future clients’ sake, I should at least have some familiarity with online marketing, embedding advertisements, and ad placements.

I started with simple ad placements on top of my website using Google’s Adsense, (AdBrite being another option). Set up settings and copy and paste the code. There’s even useful filter settings so that you can filter out advertisements from competitors. But I don’t update the main section of Bizarre as much anymore since I haven’t had submissions for years and I write poetry or draw upon inspiration not everyday. But I used to have online journals that I’d write regularly for my friends to read. Then it hit me to start blogs of different topics on my website related to its “bizarre” theme.

I had TONS of ideas that I would really love to blog regularly for the public to read. My dream since I started Bizarre was to gain a large community that would be interested enough to read what I and others have to say about random things. I always wanted my voice to be heard and I encourage others to express themselves as well, through the arts, and to submit them for my site if they wish. So even if I didn’t make money, I would not be devastated, I still want to keep writing, and still want this community. So I would recommend blogging for people who enjoy writing, rather than someone who completely doesn’t, unless they have really good material and can tolerate writing. Otherwise, it might be a little tormenting to do anything that you really don’t like.

I first started with my portfolio. I noticed that many other websites and online portfolios that keep readers updated on a blog, and a way to build community, let others get to know more about you, (a voice rather than just a website), which also essentially builds trust. Plus the more regularly updated and more content a website has, it helps with visibility, (more the search engines can crawl through).

I write about web technology and include helpful tips (such as how to choose a CMS, job/candidate/client hunting, web languages, etc). Then I wanted blogs for my Bizarre site. The Bizarre Eats N’ Feasts includes recipes to my “bizarre foods” I created/eat, ranging from Asian to Polish foods and i recently launched Bizarre Media, which includes bizarre commercials, music videos, and other bizarre things in the media.

I increased the number of ads, putting some on the side and bottom. At the moment it might be a bit cluttered, (sometimes ads in general always seems to be), so I might change the placements. There’s a common recommendation, a map of where ads should be placed to be most effective in earning revenue: https://www.google.com/adsense/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=17954

I recently signed up for Twitter and a Facebook Page for my website to help with promotion. So far it has helped slightly in terms of getting readers. As for significant earnings, visitors, and regulars, I’ll have to see. I’ll check analytic stats and the ad stats and try to keep updated of my progress in future entries. I think I have great ideas, it’s just making it known to the world is a challenge.

Here’s an article that showed Top Bloggers and how much they earn. http://www.thedigeratilife.com/blog/index.php/2008/08/12/make-money-blogging-top-bloggers-and-how-much-they-earn

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