FREE Online PDF Downloads on Web Design, Development and More

I discovered an awesome learning resource  filled with publications, such as expert information on web development and design. They are downloadable PDFs, and you are also welcome to create your own to share to the world.

Creating an account or logging in via Facebook is required to download and is free. I love downloading information and reading them on the go. In addition, you have several customizable options like adding it to your favorites, giving a thumbs up or down, emailing it, etc.

In the future, maybe I would consider creating a useful PDF of my own. As a kid, I loved creating “magazines” and I was pretty creative with it, for a kid. In fact, if I can convert my old ones I did for a kid, I would upload them for fun. But unfortunately, it was created by Microsoft Publisher, which is long extinct, so my hopes for retrieving that is pretty slim.

If you’re an Android user, good news for you, you can login and download directly from their site. They don’t have a mobile version of their site, BUT they developed an app you can install as well.

If you’re an iPhone user, semi-bad news for you. An issuu iPhone app has not been created yet, and as far as I know, you can’t download and access files directly from the web with your iPhone. I think you’re either going to have to view online with your PDF reader, or if you want a copy, download it on your computer,? install a separate file transfer app on your iPhone that has a capability to read PDFs, then transfer onto your phone.

Good luck!? Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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