Bonjour, It’s 2019 and I’m back!

Bonjour, I’m back! I admit, I neglected my tech blog for a few years.. Life Happens!  BUT some of my tech adventures since then, involved a homemade ioT WiFi door sensor with NodeMCU, IFTTT & Lua, electrical rewiring HVAC for two very different WiFi Smart Thermostats, (which one company still did not reply after 1.5 years to grant API access!).. and a NEW social media site I hope to launch soon.  My specialty is not hardware, so it was a different species for me, and I had to research the heck out of that!

Some pics shown on my Instagram: @phucTechnology   Maybe I’ll write about it later.

Part of what happened, besides Life, was my web hosting service changed their system so many times, the PHP versions and such eventually broke one of few WordPress blogs, and that happened to be my tech / web development blog.  It had an a mysql extension error and I couldn’t get to the admin section.   However my other blogs with a newer version was working, so I figured that it may be it WordPress versions.

Don’t laugh, it’s shared hosting. I mostly have just blogs, and my portfolio, so it’s not intensive enough to be worth spending a fortune on dedicated. I’m  also am aware of the disadvantages of shared and not having access to the database and server directly.   I am looking into possibly cloud and dedicated for my upcoming social media site. I just don’t want to spend more than $10 initially since it will be a free service to users and I would not sell advertisement space until I have a good number of users.

Eventually the hosting service I had for years, iXWebHosting was acquired by a company with multiple hosting services. I’m not sure why, but customers also were not notified and EVERYTHING WENT Down including my emails.. and so I couldn’t submit support tickets with my email/account info, nor verify it, and it was a long wait up late, via chat for days.  Our sites was automatically transitioned to one of a few hosts, so I had to figure out which one.

On top of that, I think they decided to rename my databases’s capitalizations which I didn’t notice immediately, so my credentials were broken. Right before that the weird thing was bots were still hitting my comments section by the thousands and now I have I believe 137,000 comments to moderate.. I had upgraded the spam blocker tools since then, and hope that it works.

To resolve getting portfolio tech blog back up, I had to back up and download the server’s database, replace it locally, upgrade WordPress locally, fix the .htaccess files, and disable any plugins causing issues, then upgrade plugins, database entries, then re-upload onto server with a few tweaks in code of depreciated code.

Anyways, I just wanted to make a quick post, and maybe talk about the tech adventures I went through.  I haven’t been as active as I hoped to, but took my time on things my own pace, even if it took weeks to figure out.

I also have a Facebook Page, that I transitioned from an old Facebook group. Unfortunately I couldn’t transfer the members and lost several techies who I met when I was hosting these tech gatherings.

So,  be continued…