Does Sharing Office Space Give Business Referrals?

Definitely it can. I was freelancing for my client, who was sharing office space with a company who, if I recall correctly, owned the building. My client had extra space and let me use it. Both my client and I are in web development, and as we know, it’s recommend that every business should have a professional web presence, (a website that defines your brand, and web applications that do nifty things). The business needed a website full of features that would help grow his business, and separate selling profiles for all his employees. So, both my client and I were going to work together on this project. Continue reading

Social Plugins

Awhile back, I saw a few nifty social plugins on other people’s website that allowed users to instantly share articles, content or pages to friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Digg, etc. The social plugins are in a form of a set of individual buttons, so that users can choose from what networks they want to share to, and click, to share. (You can see examples of these share buttons on bottom of this article). They simplify sharing in one step, so that users can easily and instantly share links and content instead of having to manually copy and paste HTML embedding coding tags onto the social networking sites.

The Ultimate Social Bookmarking Plugin Continue reading