Misconceptions: Search Engine Rankings

I do not provide direct SEO marketing services, but following good web standards aligns with Google’s recommendations to help search engine results. Many people want to be on the top, sometimes going as far as practicing Black Hat SEO (that violates search engine policies) to try to get to the top based on keywords, backlinks, and so forth. Few realize that Google engines are more intelligent than that, designed by humans to automatically fight unethical practices. If you don’t get caught now, you better hope you don’t get caught later. Continue reading

Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

Google tells you straight up what they like and what they don’t like in their Webmaster quality Guidelines. What they don’t like is Black Hat SEO, which violates their terms and degrades the quality of search results. Those who practice it, especially SEO firms will try to reason, interpret, and stretch Google’s words, to reason why they should continue to use it. Continue reading