Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial art created by slaves shipped over from Angola, Africa. In order to hide the martial art from their masters, they made it look more like a dance and involved music. Eventually, when slavery was abolished, slaves killed using Capoeira for money because they couldn't get jobs. Capoeira then became illegal. Police would put anybody using Capoeira in jail for 6 months. Soon, Mestre Bimba held a performance in front of the Brazilian President, showing that it could be used for peace and as a sport. The President ended the Capoeira prohibition, and declared it the national sport of Brazil. Now Capoeira is not only popular in Brazil, but after Bimba's student Mestre Acordeon brought Capoeira to the United States, it has grown to be extremely popular all over.

Club Meetings: Location and Times

- Monday & Wednesday, 5 pm - 7 pm
Location: Putnam Lounge (under dining hall)
- Tuesday, 5 pm - 7 pm

Location: African American Cultural Center
(under student union)
- Thursday, 4:45pm - 11pm
New Haven Raca em Movimento Class Field Trip ($12)
- Friday, 1:30 pm - 7 pm
Location: Hawley Armory

Mestre Efraim

Instruction: The instructor for the club is certified Capoeira Profesor Fabiano Lucas. The club however, is part of Raca em Movimento, the Capoeira group under Mestre Efraim Silva.

Profesor Fabiano teaches every Wednesday class. To cover the cost of instruction, we charge $50 in student dues for the entire semester (14 classes). The workouts on the other days of the week are led by club president and 4th year capoeirista Greg Dillon.

Profesor Fabiano

Come with anything comfortable for physical training, preferably all white. No previous experience necessary. Continuous attendance will lead to great endurance, muscle tone, flexibility, and rhythm! Not to mention the ability to impress everybody with your crazy skills. Capoeira will greatly increase strength in back, chest, neck, stomach, arms, wrist, legs, everything! Your gonna be crazy buff! Even one lesson will leave you incredibly sore.