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...where you can take a journey of some of Phuc's work from the past to present.
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Bachelor's Degree in Web Technology.
Certificate in Social Media for Business
Certificate in Startup Engineer (Stanford Coursera)

Web Work:

Build websites & program applications, web technology consultant. Mobile sites & basic iPhone Apps. Technical support experience at the University. Freelance & corporate experience since 2005.


JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, JSON, DHTML, (X)HTML, CSS, AJAX. Exposure to: Python, Jinja, HTSQL, Prototype, ColdFusion, PERL (w/Catalyst framework & template toolkit) XML, PROGRESS 4GL/database, Java (& GUI), some SpeedScript, Objective-C (ipad apps)


Sybase (w/SPRs), MySQL. Exposure to: SQL, PROGRESS, PostgreSQL


Mercurial (source control), Windows, Macintosh, Unix (terminal environment), Apache Past/Exposure: Git, IIS, Webspeed, Subversion


Joomla (Open source CMS), Gimp (like Photoshop), Wordpress, DreamWeaver, Zend IDE, Safari, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Macromedia Homesite, Eclipse, Firefox, IE, Chrome, & more


W3C standards, cross browser testing, accessibility, table-LESS design, some search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture, publishing, graphic manipulation, familiarity with e-commerce (online shopping buying/selling), basic hardware, & more

Other Related Activities

Web Technology Groups

I am the founder of a web technology group that welcomes anyone from any background who is interested in web technology, to socialize (in person!), learn, and share knowledge as well as keep up-to-date with the latest web technologies. In addition, I attend other related groups as well.

"Super Advisor"

A member since 1999, in 2005, I competed for a volunteer role as a Super Advisor at a popular teen network site and won a place amongst others. I gave online advice on topics such as friendship, love, and life in response to hundreds of user submitted questions and concerns. Sometimes I gave feedback to the founder of the site for ways to improve the site and user experience. Site was acquired by another company and unfortunately eliminated the section in 2009.

HundredSchools (2008-2009)

Website was originally started by a member from a martial arts networking site, to have a group of selected authors, including me, to write individual articles to the public about various topics in Martial Arts. Founder had a web designer help plan the layout, help choose the template, and start the set up in Joomla, (a popular open source CMS). From there, he used Joomla to add the modules. I "hacked" the template to our customized needs and the set up of whatever was needed. We wanted to attract readers who are interesting in learning more about martial arts, whether or not they are martial artists themselves. Variety of topics ranged in anything from training techniques in the dojo to love in the dojo.

"The Computer Person"

You know... the friend who's known as "the computer person." When friends and family need help with something computer related or have curious questions, they come to me and I try to help to the best of my knowledge.