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Some Graphic Work:

Fried Ice Cream

Walking on Water candid shot

Charles Island

Spandex Dog



Back in Touch Massage
Featured: Back In Touch Massage

Demo site. W3C Compliant (CSS, XHTML, Section 508)
Featured: Yellow Mellow demo site.

RestaurantSupply.net Blog*RestaurantSupply.net Blog (2011) -- Blog for a fairly new e-commerce site. The goal is to provide readers a fun, friendly restaurant related information, including recipes, restaurant business ideas, lifestyle, equipment buying guides, and at the same time increase potential customers and sales. Please see more details under Web Applications

Back in Touch Massage*Back in Touch Massage (2009) -- Website for a massage business that long wished for a website. The goal is a simple design that provides information about Back in Touch's services that will educate how beneficial massage therapy is and what their services are, including a unique service not commonly offered in the U.S., called Ashiatsu. I created a look, feel, or impression similar to the presence when walking into the massage therapy place itself.

Science of the Spirit*Science of the Spirit (2009) -- Website for healers who provide services ranging from massage therapy, reiki to yoga, spiritual cleansing & readings. Simple design, that provides information about Science of the Spirit's healing services and its health benefits. I created a spiritual look, & feel with a Chakra color scheme. Some of the photos taken by point-and-shoot camera & optimized [Formally at http://www.science-of-spirit.com]

(1998-forever evolving) Website created as a hobby currently using PHP, MySQL (to store content), (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Prototype (javascript framework), Joomla (blog), Apache directives (for SEO friendly links). Started out as a printed newspaper, then published to the web with a Publisher, then WYSIWYG'd, now pure hand coded.

American Embroidery*American Embroidery
(Summer 2006) -- For an embroidery personalization company. Built from scratch, with CSS, PHP (for global menus & content), (X)HTML. Form processing: validation checks, attachments (images only). Basic search engine optimization techniques. Gallery pictures taken by pocket camera. Banner & buttons were created using basic graphic manipulation techniques. Logo scanned from business card.

American Silk Screening*American Silk Screening
(Summer 2006) -- For a screen printing & embroidery personalization company. Built from scratch with (X)HTML, CSS, & JavaScript (CSS and js external sheets). Banner, buttons & other images created by me. Photos provided by owners and was modified by me. [Originally at americansilkscreening.com, changed since then]

Vietnamese Students Association*VSA
(Fall 2005- Spring 2006) -- Website I created & maintained as an active webmaster and member of VSA. HTML, CSS, external JavaScript sheets (for global content). [Originally built at vsa.uconn.edu but currently redesigned & run by different webmaster].

Bristol Mums*Bristol Mums
(Spring 2005) -- Floral business website created from scratch. Mum photos provided by client. Basic site, mainly HTML & uses frames (which isn't used in future sites). Logo created from scanned business card, & graphic menu created by me. [Originally located at bristolmums.com]

------ Back in the day...

*Cherry Fixation
(Spring 2005) project for ISKM 224 Web Graphics & Layout course, coded with HTML, JavaScript, CSS. Site is all about cherry obsessions!

*Champions' Hobbies
(Spring 2005) Team project for ISKM 220 Web Authoring & Content Management I course coded with HTML, Javascript, and CSS. As a team leader, I created the template, created the CSS file, designed (color scheme, layout, logo, homepage, homepage image), created the asianness page, organized, proofed and edited website.

(Spring 2005) Created with HTML and CSS for a English Advanced Expository Writing. Project objective was to turn an essay into a website. English course is computer related.

*Long Shot Sports Bar & Grill
(Jan 2005) Created with HTML & was maintained by me for an existing bar, based on existing site. [Originally was at http://www.longshotsportsbarandgrill.com]

*UCONN Capoeira
(2004) Demo based on existing site for the University's Capoeira club I was in. I offered to redesign/code the site.

*The Greater Bristol Visiting Nurse Association Inc.
(2002) Design to represent my high school for 7th Annual Acedemic Bowl Challenge for Web Design competition on March 17, 2002.

just a demo for 4all teens.com site based off of existing site... this is the best I could do without any info on what contents are supposed to be in there...

*The Basket Place
(2001) created for a real client...

*Japan Anime Rules!
(2001) done entirely with HTML...

*HTML Website
(2001) class experimentation with HTML...

*The Truth is Out There!
(2001)created with Microsoft Front Page 2000

*Happy Land!
(1999-2000) created with Microsoft Front Page Express...