Welcome to VSA!

WELCOME to the Vietnamese Students Association!

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We are proud to be an active cultural organization on campus at UCONN, here to preserve and educate others about the Vietnamese culture by participating in charity work, cultural events, dances, trips, dinners, karaoke nights, intramural sports and much more!

Not only do we unite students sharing the same Vietnamese heritage, we also welcome people from all ethnic backgrounds. So whether you are Polish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, or a combination of whatever you may be, we welcome you to be part of our community!

Some of many VSA activities! Some of the familiar on and off-campus activities we have or currently participate in are: International Nite and Asian Nite (skit/fashion shows), K.U.B.E, Dat Phan Show and reception, Asian Gala, Senior Banquet, VSA picnic, Miss Saigon show, VSA Pho/Meal luncheons, NYC trips, Boston Trip, Miss Saigon show, and so much more!

So ahead and click on a link to find out more about us! With this website, we'll keep you updated with VSA pics, news, and upcoming events!