Skills and Services

  • I may not be accepting new clients but open to hearing inquiries, potential projects or partnerships. Feedback is welcome.
    • Note: Over the years, technology has advanced and roles have specialized. So for example, if you need an artist or graphic designer, for a customized/complex logo, music cover, or model touchups, or an UI/UX accessibility expert for the visually impaired, please consider hiring an expert. For large projects, please consider a software/marketing team. I may be able to refer you if you ask.
  • I value web standards – I try to build with technical design, user friendliness, and accessibility in mind. This in turn helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility.
    • I follow “white hat” SEO techniques instead of “black hat,” that is an outdated and still used by some marketing companies which actually risks Google bans, lower rankings, and negative news publicity.
    • I will not simply throw together images, text, and code, then call it a “website”, or “web app”– there are A LOT of important technical considerations that make them useful for you and your visitors.
  • If you’re not technical, I’ll try to translate in “plain English” so you can understand what you are getting. :). Some knowledge is needed to run & maintain a website or online business.
  • Sorry I do not provide
    • Unpaid consulting, problem solving, work, or projects that are requested for job/gig interviews or Meetings.
    • Web server/cloud support 24/7 support
    • Web Hosting, Servers, Domain, Emailing, set up. I provide setups of 3rd party, but it’s your responsibility to pay for monthly/annually. Please see costs to consider to help budget.


Please see Websites page for examples & details.

  • Create new basic or redesign existing websites for small businesses.
    • Large $250k+ sites have been more for established companies or services from a full staff or multi-department engineering company
  • Set up (Installations and configurations) existing applications, (e.g. WordPress CMS).

Website Applications

Please see Web Applications page for examples & details.

  • Build database driven applications apps that interact with users
  • Build (coded) from scratch new features or modify existing applications if license permitted. Please consult with your digital legal team.

Social Media Strategies and Content Creation

  • Frequent updates are essential to marketing and followers — I am open to creating posts, blogs, and content, at a rate. But like PR, it needs a full time role. I helped full time at a shop and e-commerce company with new marketing strategies that lead to sales after stale months, (and great loss due to older “black hat” methods implemented by 3rd party). Strategies included redesign, information architecture, new blog, content creation, and visual assets described below.
  • Need a Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram? I can help set up and create content. At this time I do not provide analytics. Marketing analysts exist for that.

Basic Graphic Work

Services are for website work only. If I don’t have availability, I have friends who specialize in photography, print, graphic design, etc, so you are welcome to ask for recommendations. 🙂

  • Photography
  • Graphic editing or enhancements (not including model touch up)
  • Simple graphic creations (buttons, banners)
  • Conversion between formats, crop, resize, etc, including scans

General Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Basic coding techniques to help search engines better crawl and find your site. This helps with accessibility. The world wide web has millions of websites. SEO may help your users find you on the web, increase users and visibility. *Note that there’s no guarantee on rankings. The focus really should build a brand, identity and social media marketing.
  • Search engine submissions – Sometimes the only way your web links will appear in search results in engines such as Google or Yahoo. This may require access to sites and your timely involvement for identity verification

Website Maintenance

  • General. 24/7 support is unavailable, please hire a DevOps team instead. Please understand websites need to be maintained and updated regularly to keep up to date with latest technology please hire a DevOps team instead.
  • Updates to content on websites site like text or images
    • Note that websites and web maintenance, just like updating your phone’s firmware, is always required regularly whether it is through me or another company.
    • I currently do not provide infinite maintenance.
  • Diagnose and fix bugs – Note: just like a doctor, fixing isn’t guaranteed but results of assessment are provided and still at a rate for my time and efforts. Suggested escalations to specialists or recommendations towards a solution may be provided.


  • Assistance with projects , guidance, assessments, research of resources to problem solve or external services/recommendation
  • Tutoring or informally train, more about a web technology (for example, basic HTML and Javascript)
  • Please note any form of communication will be billed at a rate (electronic, phone/text, in-person)

Web Standards

Good practice creates a quality website, reaches wider audience, increases accessibility, which also helps search engines crawl your site better. It’s important to understand that the visually impaired, may use your website too, (using special tools). Users use different browsers too (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari). It takes much time and efforts to build some cross-browser and cross-platform, so only 2+ major browsers and my recommends

Other Services

If there are other web services not listed here that you were wondering about, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer inquires you may have.

I have friends who specialize in photography, graphic design, social media, print, SEO, if you need me to recommend you to someone.

Not Available

  • 24/7 Support or Cloud Support
  • 3rd party services like Hosting, Domain, Payment gateways