My Story

— How it All Began

I never said I was born with computer skills. 😉 It all began back in the day when I really started to use the Internet and computer late in life; (when I say late– I mean, other Engineers probably started coding in their diapers)! An English newspaper assignment inspired me to create my own print magazine which I distributed to friends. I experimented with a publishing app, then proved worthy to be an Editor for both my high school’s newspaper and literary & arts magazine.

In fact, I used to be clueless, and probably a computer teacher’s worse nightmare. It wasn’t until mid to late high school that I swapped a courses for the credit, which happened to be an Intro to Computers. I was a little scared but then it clicked like magic. Though I started two weeks late, I ended up becoming Teacher’s Assistant to help take a load off of him and. Then he approved many opportunities for me to take all his other technology business courses.

We experimented with Presentation software to create interactive media slide show presentations, and WYSIWYG to make our first website. Websites– became a passion.. to be able to get creative and share to the world. I then decided to published Bizarre to the web for the first time through the Publishing software.

When I started to learn how to code, I realized the amount of flexibility and control. So then I dropped WYSIWYGs and just used plaintext– Notepad before IDEs. I reconstructed Bizarre by coding and it continued to evolve as I grew, encouraging strangers to send submissions to express themselves beyond the norms.

From there, I continued onto the journey of the web, creating websites and applications for (but not limited to) organizations and businesses. I experimented with various IDEs, scripting languages, graphic/photo editors, and whatever technology I could get my hands on.

Thank you for reading my story and checking out some of my work!