Other Activities and Interest

Web Technology Groups

I am the founder of a CT Web Technology group that welcomes folks from any background who is interested in web technology, to socialize, learn, and share knowledge as well as keep up-to-date with technologies. It hasn’t been as active the past few years. However, I attended other tech related events for years as well.

Events Planning and Management

For over 10 years, I’ve planned a variety of events since youth, as a hobby or a volunteer for various organizations, cultural and charity events.

In H.S. I volunteered for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), run by a home economics teacher, where we made food for events, sold goods to fundraise for charity, or arranged essentials gift baskets for families in need.

I once cut pounds of onions, to make French Onion Soup with other members and serve to legislators at a legislative house in CT. We unexpectedly made it to the front page cover of a local newspaper!

I also worked my way to becoming a Chief Editor of the h.s. printed literary and arts magazine, where I innovated the process and redesign using a publishing software. I also contributed art, poetry, and writing and reviewed other user submissions. I hosted events like Poetry Slams.

At a University, I volunteered for an organization at the Cultural Center, for large cultural, charity or fundraising events including ticketed, open to the public events, viewed by hundreds to thousands of spectators each year. We’d plan luncheons, stage work: fashion shows, traditional dancing, skits, (which I did a male voice over), and I choreographed a brief martial arts scene.

Post college, I also hosted a number of tech, social, and fundraising events including a large event with volunteer musicians and artists.

I decided to make it seem more “official” and earned the Events and Hospitality Management certification.

Other Website Projects

I had several hobby projects websites before, such as a collective of art and writing as well.

“Super Advisor”

In the past, as a long time member, I competed for a volunteer role as a Super Advisor on a teen social network e-zine site, and won votes to the role. I gave online advice on topics such as friendship, love, and life, in response to hundreds of member submitted questions and concerns. Sometimes I gave feedback to the founder of the site for ways to improve the website and user experience, who kindly welcomed and considered. Site was eventually acquired by another company which unfortunately eliminated columns.

“The Computer Person”

You know… the friend who’s known as “the computer person.” When friends and family need help with something or have curious questions, they come to me and though I’m not an expert in all things computer, I try to help to the best of my knowledge, when I have the capacity to.