My Work

Welcome to. my portfolio! I am a rounded web developer (& more!), based in the U.S., who has a passion for building (coding) websites and web applications for quite some time. I also have a variety of tech and creative backgrounds including, general redesigning of UI architecture, Social Media Strategist, Content Writing. I’ve had corporate, consulting and freelancing experiences for various industries, including but not limited to biotech, restaurant, medical, alternative health, and music industry.

In addition, for over 10 years (since teens), I’ve had some hospitality experience in organizational or self-volunteering Event management/planning including hosting, past stage work and choreography (including large ticketed events open to hundreds to thousands of spectators), and fundraising/charity, cultural, creative, tech or social events. For more about me, my story, and other interests, please check about and my work!

Other Interests: Photography

Jet Black Stare band playing live.

I took big interest in photography a few years ago. This may be good news for clients because I can provide much better graphics for websites and possibly additional services. I was always fond of taking pictures of interesting things. Band shots became one of my favorite, because of the lights, the scene, and the music. But I have to say that they are the most challenging, because of the low lighting, constant movement of the rocking musicians/lights. My particular lens technically aren’t made for that, but it forced me to master shooting and utilize whatever little light I have (with minimal flash and without any external flash kits for years). For more, please see Photography.