Web Applications

My web application experience includes (with examples below), some corporate, freelancing and consulting:

  • I am closer to “Full Stack”, but please note I am not a replacement for a team or a company of expert designers/engineers, and as my new objectives, no longer do everything, everywhere, all at once. ūüôā Each work is on a general level, so for large or in depth work, I recommend investing in either individual specialists (e.g. Graphic Artist, Security, Networking ), a software company, or 3rd party services.¬†
  • Consulting – meetings with business owners on ideas, suggestions or potential partnerships. Was also hired and¬†
  • Each company used different languages and technologies so was hired to learn on the job, either to extend features, or “convert” applications to other languages.
  • Front-End & Back-End – (What is seen visually and what’s behind the scenes).
    • Web applications, User Interface, information architect, server-side & database coding, and utilizing 3rd party APIs, for a variety of industries
    • Redesigns and optimizations for SEO and accessibility, which included content management and creation as part of social media marketing strategies
    • Basic Dev Ops, shared servers and dedicated e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, enabling Domain Name Service, SSL
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Using, extending or building new features for in-house built or modifying existing open-source widgets
  • ¬†Technical Support
    • General Tech Support for regional and main University campuses for software, web apps, equipments and devices for ITS department and also assistant for students and professors at the Educational Center.
    • Lead on managing hundreds bugs/feature tickets & delegating internally for a business company
    • Past few years, on top of web dev, some internal support for companies and escalated customer tickets.

Currently, some names are anonymous for privacy, and screenshot examples aren’t available online for proprietary or internal work.¬† Resume may be available further upon meeting or opportunities.

Wi-Fi Networking Company

Company providing for luxury multi-dwelling (apartments) industry, plus some restaurants, government/public housing and major hotels. 

Initially bridged the communication gap between visual Front vs Back-End Developers. Then became a “team of one” for years; inherited various departments’ roles, helping multiple departments by building internal and enterprise customer applications, services, and solutions to automate tasks, plus other tasks beyond developer role. Over 500 customers with over 10,000 users.

 Wi-Fi Captive Portal Pages

Built and maintained various pages for user devices to land on, to sign up or accept terms & conditions to connect to Wi-Fi. Initially started by prior developers and expanded to various options ford different types and authentication methods on various enterprise networking equipment.  Some collect user inputted data, validate data like room numbers, while some offer registration for free access or option of paid WiFi plans which I integrated with 3rd party payment, accounting and package system. Data is then available in the Property Management Portal for informational, contact or marketing purposes.

Property Management Portal

Grew existing portal with several features (applications), for property managers, such as user WiFi access token and passcode generators, emailing list and schedulers, to view & download data analytics from user data collected from Captive Portal Pages.  Also the Editor allows non-coders to modify branded logos & edit visuals. 

Internal Portal, Scripts and Tools

A general centralized NOC, CRM system, and admin system also several applications, that integrate the Wi-Fi and Property Management portals with the multiple 3rd party enterprise equipment and services, to work with Wi-Fi. Automates look ups and tasks and also allow data entry to record and configure apps. Features such as Splash editor,  data from various equipment

Customer Portal

For properties’ Wi-Fi user to view and manage registered accounts created through Captive Portal process.

-General Provisioning of Equipment, Dev Ops & Documentation

  • Assist provisioning team on configurations to integrate and be compatible with Captive Portals and Property Management & Internal portals in order to provide Wi-Fi access.
  • Inherited a number of roles over time, trying to assist with back-end general maintenance of multiple AWS cloud servers, Web Servers
    • Upgrades of legacy AWS & Technology installations & resources, e.g. CLI Tools, TLS security, Instance Types, packages, front-end libraries
    • Built instances to deploy 3rd party Enterprise Wi-Fi equipment controllers (cloud softwares).
    • System Admin (user accounts/access to Linux, AWS, Ruckus, etc).
  • Documentation – Having given minimal training or knowledge– I had initiated writing numerous informal informational docs, knowledge base, some manual testing instructions and training materials, for coworkers for all department including Project Management, Sales, Technology & Support, to familiarize about our marketed in-house and 3rd party Enterprise products, services and individual applications feature.
    • Educational Technology material such as the basics of the different types of Wi-Fi authentications.
    • Discovered this knowledge gradually mostly on my own, through experimentation, research, Enterprise Support from 3rd parties or implementation

A Coffee Roaster Company

A CT coffee roasting company with a coffee shop needed a freelancer to help with fixing bugs, completing integrations of PayPal buttons for a shopping cart.  I also provided requested training on basic HTML and javascript so that the co-owner could manage products.  Provided some consultingРtechnology advice to help with website and business. 

Commercial Equipment Shop & Supplier

New to the e-commerce world at the time, company launched a website set up by a 3rd party Marketing Company using Magento e-commerce platform, and needed my assistance with content creation, web dev, marketing, and increasing exposure which was averaging 0 sales in the first 6 months losing significant expenses. I came up with creative Marketing strategies, (encouraging white hat techniques), with the internal team which brought in large targeted commercial equipment sales within a short time.

I also came up with scripts to automate tedious manual processes for product inventory, which helped a Data Entry colleague be promoted into a Director role!!  Better utilizing and maximizing her expertise, therefore increasing efficiency and productivity. 

I produced visual mock ups, to propose redesign, reorganizing the topology and information architecture, such as simplifying large drop down menus

Website has changed since then by 3rd parties based on my mockups and redesign proposals. Blogging concepts continue.

– Blog & Widget

I had set up, custom coded & maintained the new WordPress blog; lead creative and social media marketing strategies, collaborating with a team. Blog complimented and lead to their e-commerce site and commercial restaurant products. Posts included recipes, business ideas, lifestyle, interviews from chefs, restaurant owners and product guides based on research and industry experts’ experiences.¬† I decided to read manuals of products in order to write informational blogs and tips.

I modified an existing widget to implement a functionality that allows company’s bloggers to add “Browse or Shop” links attached to articles, which redirects readers to products and categories to the e-commerce site.

– Magento AutomationScripts

Being new with Magento, an e-commerce management system, I familiarized myself with the API and some core code (MVC & PHP) to write scripts that automate tedious processes of manual entries.

– Social Media / Marketing Ideas

I provided targeted suggestions such as improving inventory by adding candles and tea-lights for the holidays. I also targeted “Going Green” re-amping the Energy Star product page with my redesign, research and helpful informational blog posts about saving energy and money. I created agendas to attract readers and buyers..

I worked with the Restaurant Supply team on Social Media & Marketing strategies utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and blog communities.  I implemented improvements that helped generate sales for products not regularly sold on the e-commerce site before.

I produced basic graphic design for web elements & promotional material.

– Web Consultation

I provided consultation for technical and design improvement in web standards, design, SEO,  accessibility. I proposed & implement some navigational, visual, and organizational redesigns with mockups.


Digital Kiosk Marketing Agency

BMW E-Commerce

Company had an internally built e-commerce management system for BMW customized for each dealership, but wanted to expand services to other portfolios.

Amazon Marketplace

I researched the ins and out of Amazon Marketplace to help prep and launch over 2000 products for a BMW dealer. I wrote automation scripts via an Amazon API for future projects.

SMS (Text) Mobile Marketing

Directed by the CTO, we explored SMS Marketing. I researched SMS providers, for a local restaurant cafe, in aims to attract regular customers interested in specials and promotional text notifications. Text messages were customized to the desired campaigns. I implemented a subscribe feature on the restaurant’s website via SMS Marketing service’s API which allowed users to enter their Mobile phone number and subscribe online, via QR Code or texting the short code as well.

Callaway iPad App

I assisted with code development of online tools and the interactive iPad App version of Callaway product catalog, Callaway Sales e-Binder, which was used by their Sales Team.

I prepared a methodology to help automate extracting over 200 products descriptions and media information, wrote scripts to auto generate necessary XML and HTML files for the iPad app. I worked closely with the designer to obtain prepared media files.

I implemented requested features and modifications to the iPad app.

I researched and prepared iPad apps for In-House Ad Hoc and Enterprise Distribution, helped test, and provided means of downloading and installing app onto iPads via Web.

I helped activate the team built statistical tracking script, integrated it to parse user interacted data from the iPad app and store into an external database. I integrated the company’s online statistics/report software to work with the iPad app data.

I helped a team with the Callaway iPad App Product Management System which gives ability to maintain products, auto generate necessary files, and updates for the iPad app.

Technologies Used: Objective-C, PHP, AJAX, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL


Software Company

Legacy vs New Technologies

Company was converting to their desktop software to Web application. It’s RARE to find PROGRESS developers, the most challenging to learn because it’s unlike other code, had limited documentation, and for advanced users.

But I managed to familiarize with the database, 4GL, SpeedScript, & WebSpeed, to integrate newer technologies (at the time PHP, AJAX, Prototype, CSS & JavaScript), and start rebuilding their entire 20 yr old CRM. 

“Auto Complete” aka “Auto Suggest”

Like Google search, while users are typing in a search box, a drop down of clickable suggestions dynamically appear. I helped integrate unrelated technologies PROGRESS 4GL, with newer, and parsed between multiple programming languages to make this work.

User Downloads System – In House Server

I’m not a Server Admin so did what I was unsure was possible– built an IIS & web server on a Windows machine physically on site. Designed and programmed by scratch, the User Downloads System that allow customers to apply for an account access to exclusive downloads which displays a hierarchy directory structure. I also built an Admin System that allowed company to control access, & manage users. For security, application form has CAPTCHA, checks required fields, and valid data formats. Once user is approved, they receive a verification email, a temporary password, that require to be changed to activate their account. System checks user permissions to download files, (with no direct url links to access files) & it logs out users after inactivity. Built with PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, javascript, and more.

Web Technology Consultant

The company desired to get up-to-date with the latest technologies. The 20+ yr old CRM system needed more than basic languages & interface from the 90’s. I assessed company’s needs, examined competitors’ websites, provided valuable advice on what newer technologies can be used, educated them on web standards, and suggested how to move forward, and plan for the future. I also suggested a web development environment and project management tools.


Medical Broadcasting Company

With the lack of ColdFusion developers around at the time, this medical broadcast company, was looking for a consultant who could pick up a new programming language to lend them a hand. So I learned ColdFusion, started assignments ASAP on the first day. Then after a week or two, got the hang of ColdFusion and the company’s development environment. Assignments included collaborating with account managers, developers and the design team, to set up customized micro-sites per client, maintain them, and write scripts to customize components like forms, login authentications, etc, from client requests. From there, the broadcast production teams use the site for client Flash webcasts. Dreamweaver was used to code.

– Banner Image Generator

Company had to tediously, manually, and regularly, update banners for clients in Photoshop. I wondered, what if that could be automated? So during my “spare” time, I built a ColdFusion app which simply allowed uploading a banner image, inputing text in a form, and clicking submit. It automatically centered and placed text on top of the image, resized, converted to proper file format and generated the banner image file. It saved us a lot of time.

Sports Web Development Company

This company provided web applications in the sports industry, needed a hand with client work for a athlete recruiting platform. So I familiarized with PERL, Catalyst (MVC Framework), Template ToolKit, and jQuery. Assignments included converting old site to the new site design (under web designer specs) using the Model Viewer Controller, which is the separation of backend (database), front end code (HTML, CSS, etc, what’s displayed on websites), and the code that makes database calls to retrieve data or update.¬† MVC is useful is because it is easier for developers to manage¬† ¬†and has better performance on user end. I spent time breaking up code, re-building applications, and creating different forms and search pages. Aptana IDE, subversion, and MySQL database were used also.


Media CMS Software Technology Company

A web software company in the radio industry (including clients such as CBS radio and Entercom), I helped build new and improve existing modules for their in-house content management system (CMS).  When a radio station requested a website, the design team started off by using the CMS to build out the station site; Client could continuously update and maintain their news articles and content through the CMS too. There were management tools for pages, images, videos, podcasts, polls, forms, forum and so forth. Content edited back end (e.g. text on a page), would show up front-end (on the page to the viewers). Technologies we used were the Zend editor, subversion, Sybase database, development/QA/Live servers.

“Rate a Picture”

I integrated a copy of “Image Gallery” and their existing content rating application, “Rate a Picture.”¬† Basically radio stations could upload images, then station fans can rate the picture on a scale from 1 to 5. Through a combination of ajax, server side scripting, and javascript, the rating gets saved into the Sybase database, and the user gets redirected to the next image. The upper left corner shows the previously rated picture with the average ratings below it. The stations have the option back-end through the station configurables to hide/show average and limit the ratings amount frequency per picture; (Once, Once a week, Unlimited, etc controlled by cookies).

Because there are over 1000 radio station sites that update their pages and also have articles expire, it is hard to find example projects links I have worked on. In addition, some are not for public viewing.  CMS has changed since.