Websites built or redesigned from scratch over the years. Please note that these past examples don’t represent current work or latest technologies and vice versa. Check out the Web Applications section also for example apps I’ve worked on and other projects.

* Note sites may have updated or changed business since then.


Back in Touch Massage

Back in Touch Massage

W3C Compliant (CSS, XHTML, Section 508)

*Restaurant Supply — Blog was for a fairly new e-commerce site. The goal was to provide readers a fun, friendly restaurant related information, including recipes, restaurant business ideas, lifestyle, equipment buying guides, and at the same time increase potential customers and sales. Note site has changed since. Please see more details under Web Applications

Back in Touch Massage*Back in Touch Massage – Business that long wished for a website. The goal was a simple design that educated how beneficial massage therapy is, Back In Touch’s services including a unique service not commonly offered in the U.S., called Ashiatsu. I created a look and feel, for the impression similar to the presence when walking into the massage therapy place itself.

*Bizarre Started as a teen hobby, with my own creative content plus submitted work from teen and adult artists, poets and writers. Bizarre evolved over the years; born as a printed literary and arts newspaper through a Publishing software, which had a feature, and eventually was published online. It was rebuilt with a WYSIWYG editor, then grew to pure hand coding. PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Prototype library. Joomla (blog) was installed, then replaced with WordPress, for a series of blogs with variety of creative bizarre topics, such as food, products, and stories.
This and a few personal projects including some blogs have been pending or pause of updates for the past years.

*Science of the Spirit — Website for alternative healers of various practices, who provide services ranging from massage therapy, reiki to yoga, spiritual cleansing & readings. Simple design, that provided information about Science of the Spirit’s healing services and its health benefits. I created a spiritual look, & feel with a Chakra color scheme. Some of the photos were taken by a point-and-shoot camera & optimized at the time.

American Embroidery thumb**American EmbroideryFor an embroidery personalization company. Built from scratch. Form processing: validation checks, attachments (images only). Basic search engine optimization techniques. Gallery pictures taken by pocket camera. Banner & buttons were created using basic graphic manipulation techniques. Logo scanned from business card.

**American Silk Screening For a screen printing & embroidery personalization company. Built from scratch. Banner, buttons & other images created by me. Photos provided by owners and was modified by me.

Back In the Day

Screenshots and links may no longer be available due to it being more amateur experimental phase or change in standards.

Bristol Mums thumb*Bristol MumsFloral business client website created from scratch and basic graphic creation (menu buttons), processing and photo retouching provided by client and logo from scanned business card.

VSA thumb VSA website I created/coded & maintained, for a cultural organization, as an active webmaster and board member of VSA. HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Cherry Fixation
Project for Web Graphics & Layout course, coded with HTML, JavaScript, CSS. Site is all about cherries!

Champions’ Hobbies
Team project for Web Authoring & Content Management I course coded with HTML, Javascript, and CSS. As a team leader, I created the template, created the CSS file, designed (color scheme, layout, logo, homepage, homepage image), created the asian inspired page, organized, proofed and edited website.

Technology website
Created with HTML and CSS website for for a English Advanced Expository Writing (computer related course). Project objective was to turn an essay into a website.

*Long Shot Sports Bar & Grill
Created & was maintained by me for a bar, based on existing site.

*UCONN Capoeira
Redesign coded demo based on existing site for the University’s Capoeira club.

*The Greater Bristol Visiting Nurse Association Inc.
Design to represent my high school for an Annual Academic Bowl Challenge for Web Design.

Demo for 4all teens site based off of existing site… this is the best I could do without any info on what contents are supposed to be in there…

*The Basket Place
created for a real client in high school as a project.

*Japan Anime Rules!

Another hobby experimentation

*HTML Website
Class experimentation with HTML— glimps of my amateur team work

*The Truth is Out There!
Inspired by X-Files. Created with a publishing tool that exported websites

*Happy Land!
Created with a WYSIWYG